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AIPC Pandora Celebrates this month


                         AIPC – Pandora (Spain) Celebrates at their 

                         Annual Event Of International Mobility


The Group celebrates 10 years of successful participation in this European Union funded Volunteer Project!

The group is proud of being involved for 10 years in this European Union funded Volunteer Project!


 Last Saturday, October 18th, AIPC-Pandora celebrated their Annual Event of International Mobility. This event is for  volunteers who have taken part in the International Mobility Programs during 2014. At the party they can meet up,  exchange their experiences and enjoy their peers.  In addition, this year had special meaning because AIPC-Pandora  celebrated the  10th anniversary of  their involvement in the European Voluntary Service Program funded by European Union.

According to Director Ana Eseverri, ” Over 160 people attended and it was very interesting to hear testimonies of our volunteers who collaborated with our partners in India, Guatemala or South Africa, among others. We congratulate our volunteers of Microprojects of Cooperation (some of them coordinated with  other EIL members) who set up informational stands to tell their experience on site and everyone  was very interested. We were very happy to share the night with all our participants and listen to their experiences and concerns which show that our work is worth it!” 

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 All of these volunteers  are now part of the Pandora family and the Experiment in International Living extended family. Welcome! and thank you all for your hard work to make our world a better place. For more information on these programs and to see what the volunteers did throughout the year go here:

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