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AIPC Pandora~Active Citizenship

AIPC Pandora (EIL Spain) is a non-profit organization committed to the development of a culture of peace, coexistence and solidarity with these principal aims:

  • Encourage dialogue and the intercultural cohabitation of the entire social fabric.
  •  Work towards equal opportunities, particularly where this concerns equality in access to education for everyone.
  •  Promote international mobility as a means of personal development, intercultural awareness and the development of the destinations and cultures that are visited.
  • Promote active citizenship as well as all of the rights and responsibilities associated with this task.

Co-founder, Chantal Mayer, was drawn to both the educational and international components of work in this dynamic field:  “AIPC Pandora gave me the opportunity to create programs in many aspects of informal education that I had been involved with: language learning, international mobility, intercultural learning, understanding and integration among cultures, in sum–personal development through international experiences and intercultural living.”

Soon after its founding in 2002, AIPC became a member of Federation EIL.

“I accepted the invitation right away,” recalls Chantal. “I loved the spirit, the members, and the way they related to each other.”

Chantal currently serves as one of two Vice-Presidents of the Executive Board of Federation EIL, and as the President of the board of AIPC, while the day to day activities of the organization are in the capable hands of her daughter, AIPC co-founder, and Director, Ana Eseverri Mayer.

“Today AIPC Pandora is comprised of a community of 5000 people who have international experience in at least one of the 49 countries with whom we work,” says Ana of the supporters of AIPC Pandora.

The combined international experience of the AIPC staff, their volunteers and their community of supporters is a strong affirmation of what AIPC believes is essential: active citizenship as a result of first-hand experience with what is occurring in the world.

Today AIPC Pandora (Asociación para la Integración y Progreso de las Culturas, Pandora) is proud to send over 600 volunteers a year all over the world.

About AIPC Pandora Director and Co-founder, Ana Eseverri Mayer: Born in the United States, of both French and Spanish decent, Ana attributes her diverse background to her initial interest in international and intercultural relationships and understanding. With a degree in Sociology and a doctorate in development, Ana began her career teaching Spanish and Sociology at the London Met University.  She later served as a consultant for a European project before co-founding AIPC Pandora.

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