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Announcing Two New Members of the College of Experiment Ambassadors Emeriti

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We are proud to announce that two distinguished members of the FEIL family have been added to the College of Experiment Ambassadors Emeriti: Jean Wittman of Argentina (EIL Argentina)  and Chantal Mayer of Spain (AIPC Pandora). 

They were acknowledged at the 2015 General Assembly in Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Jean Wittman has been an integral part of EIL Argentina for over five decades, since she joined the organization in 1961. Chantal Mayer has been essential to Spain’s organization since its founding in 2002; prior to that she joined Experiment Spain and was instrumental in supporting the Experiment’s mission and goals. 

The College of Experiment Ambassadors Emeriti was established in 2002 at the General Assembly meeting in Istanbul, Turkey to honor distinguished individuals for their many years of service to the Experiment. We are very proud to give recognition to these two members for their hard work and commitment to the Experiment in International Living and the Federation. 

Someone wise once said, “Some people dream of success…while others wake up and work hard at it.” Jean Wittman and Chantal Mayer are certainly in the latter group, and we thank them for their contributions to the Experiment, and look forward to seeing what they achieve next.

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