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FairPlay Program in the United Kingdom: Educating and Empowering Youth Through Sports


Experiment in International Living UK is offering an exciting program called FAIR Play — Football Against Intolerance and Racism. This is a two week program where ten international students will come together in England to explore and learn about using sport as a tool for conflict resolution and peace building.  They will use the common interest of football (soccer) as a means to bring people of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths together, with the aim of dispelling cultural misunderstandings and developing knowledge and skills to make changes in their own communities.  

Using the knowledge and experience of local community leaders, peacebuilding and conflict resolution experts, the program will explore successful strategies already implemented in the UK in co-operation with professional footballers and anti-racism organizations.

Students will stay with host families for two days in Woking, then twelve days in the city of Worcester.



Activities will include:

  • Visit Wembley, home of English Football
  • ‘The business of football’ workshop and tour of Chelsea Football Club
  • Walking tour of London, taking in the sights and sounds of England’s capital city including Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace 
  • Visit Aston Villa Football Club and train in their Academy
  • Workshop with national anti-racism organisation Kick it Out
  • Meet footballers involved in anti-racism campaign
  • Play blind football with Blind England & GB players
  • Top professional skills coaching & matches at Worcester University
  • Walk the ‘Mile of Tolerance’ visiting a Sikh Temple, Mosque & Cathedral
  • Meet with leading experts in conflict resolution
  • Deliver anti-racism campaign at your ‘community games’ or premiership match


The next football program will start on October 25, 2015 and another on February 15, 2016. We would welcome any young people aged 15-17 from FEIL partners to join the UK participants on either of these programs.



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