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FEIL collaborates with Alvino Fantini Ph.D. on new research

 An FEIL research report from 2005-2006 entitled, Intercultural Competence, is often sought as empirical evidence of the impact of an intercultural experience. As of December, the report has been downloaded 3, 330 times from the FEIL website.

Now, educational consultant to FEIL, Alvino Fantini Ph.D. has sought and been funded to conduct further study. The University of Arizon/CERCLL (Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy) has granted funding for a follow- on project due to start in January. The study’s focus will be on assessing intercultural competence as developed through an intercultural experience.  

“This focus of this project is all about monitoring and measuring; specifically, the development of intercultural competence (ICC): what it is, what are its components, and how best to assess their development.

 Since ICC development is best fomented in the context of an intercultural exchange experience, this project seeks to identify which aspects of that experience most help promote its development. Participants involved in this study are alumni who completed sojourns over many years and who represent several cultures and countries.

 Finally, of central concern are the outcomes and impact of the experience on alumni. How have sojourners been transformed by the intercultural experience, what impact has it had on their life and life choices, and what are the outcomes regarding any impact they may also have had in turn on others (the multiplier effect)?”

Collaboration on this new research includes SIT Graduate Institute, FEIL, and 5 member organizations of FEIL: Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Japan and the USA and the University of Arizona.

This distinctive and unique body of knowledge allows us to continue providing leadership in the international, intercultural education field.

Alvino E. Fantini, Ph.D.

January 9, 2015 - Federation EIL Posted Category in: Around The World Blog

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