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First Week in Guatemala

EIL Guatemala (INLEX/CA) eagerly received a group of young men and women from Santiago at the beginning of October for a cultural exchange experience coordinated by EIL Chile and the local government of La Pintana in Santiago.

Here is a report from the first week of their exchange from the EIL Guatemala Team~INLEX/CA:

“From the first night we could see that everybody was as excited as we were about the upcoming month. On the following day, our tour of Antigua Guatemala was filled with questions and energy.

The youth from Santiago were paired with Guatemalan teens and that first week focused on developing mutual cultural understanding. The Chilean youth gave presentations about their country and wore traditional clothing; while their Guatemalan peers did the same, sharing traditional music, customs and even cooking for their Chilean guests.

To make things especially interesting all of the youth went on a treasure hunt, tracking  clues scattered throughout the town, after which they played games and had a quick dip in the pool of a national park.

On the following day, a mural was created representing Chile and its people.

At the end of our first week, the youth from La Pintana hiked the volcano Pacaya; and on Sunday had a chance to relax at the beach.

It was a great first week! The new few weeks will be filled with cultural exchange opportunities, activities and visits to Mayan ruins.

These young Chilean men and women have been incredibly enthusiastic and eager to share their culture!

Go Chile!”

 -The INLEX/CA Guatemala Team

For more photos of the La Pintana youth visiting EIL locations around the world, visit our Pinterest page!

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