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GA 2014: Leadership Transitions

Leadership Transitions–  We said thank you to our outgoing Board, who have done an excellent job for the past three years: President Bettina Wiedmann (Experiment e.V., Germany),Vice President  Myriam Flor (Experimento de Convivencia Internacional, Ecuador) and Vice President Chantal Mayer ( AIPC Pandora, Spain). Ms. Wiedmann was presented with The Experiment Citation, Federation EIL’s highest honor,  which states, ” As Vice President and then President, Bettina Wiedmann has worked tirelessly to support and encourage the Members of Federation EIL, bringing together individuals from many cultures, helping friendships to flourish and making possible the pursuit of PEACE through understanding.”

A new Board was elected. This new leadership includes: President Farah Cherif D’Ouezzan (Thaqafat Association, Morocco), Vice President Joshua Tripp (LAMAT, AC, Mexico) and Vice President Yoshihiro Suzuki (Japanese Association of the Experiment in International Living). We look forward to your good energy and work in the coming years.

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