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GA 2014: Partner Marketplace & Workshops


EIL Intercultural Learning pic1.jpgPartner Marketplace – The General Assembly was preceded by a one day Partner Marketplace, an intimate and lively networking fair which brought Federation members together with 18 non member organizations from across Europe and as far away as India and South Africa. David Chapman, Director General of WYSE Travel Confederation delivered the keynote address “Dispelling the Myth; Youth travel is not a niche market” which explored trends and developments as revealed by the Confederation’s recent study, New Horizon’s III.

EIL Intercultural Learning pic1.jpgProgram and Capacity Building Workshops – The General Assembly is also an opportunity for participants to focus on program and organizational development. Special guest presenters included  John Ungerleider and Simon Norton,  Co-Directors of the  SIT  Graduate Institute’s Youth Peacebuilding and Leadership Programs. Their workshop on “designing for Empowerment” explored the 7 C’s of empowering youth leaders.

We were also honored to have with us in Cork,  Michael O’Neill, Director, Global Safety and Security, Save the Children International. Michael’s workshop entitled “Expect the Unexpected and Plan For It” was designed to raise awareness of individual  and organizational responsibilities, to identify risks and concerns and to define risk management strategies that empower EIL leaders and participants to enjoy a rich cross cultural learning experience by taking responsibility for their health, safety and well being.

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