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Germany – Ireland EIL Summit

The Board of Experiment e.V. (EIL Germany) and EIL Ireland joined together in Dublin this month to share ideas, strategies and plans for the future.  25 participants worked in small groups to explore the following initiatives and focuses:

  • Governance: The responsibilities of board and advisory boards were shared;
  • Travel Awards: EIL Ireland discussed their Travel Award Programme which reaches out to people who may not have heard of The Experiment previously or who could not normally afford to take part in their programmes;
  • Volunteer Network: EIL Germany talked about their very active network of Alumni volunteers who help with participant recruitment and selection, preparation and training.
  • Anniversary Celebrations: EIL Germany explained how they went about celebrating their 60th Anniversary which was helpful for EIL Ireland which celebrates its 50th in 2014.
  • Quality Standards: EIL Ireland reported on their quality standards initiative that is underway with the support from The Irish Ministry of Youth and Children.
  • Responding to the Economic Crisis: Both boards shared ways in which they have responded to the global economic crisis which since 2008.

In addition to bi-national collaborations such as these, Federation EIL members from around world gather each year for the General Assembly which includes program-specific focuses, bilateral appointments, new program presentations, workshops, and round-table discussions for delegates of each national organization.

The General Assembly is hosted by a different member each year; and this April, we’ll return to the United States, the birthplace of The Experiment.  We’ll continue to celebrate the 80th Anniversary with our hosts World Learning, in Vermont.

~International Office, Federation EIL


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