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Global Citizenship Education Conference

From June 4th to June 8th, 2014   60  staff members and volunteers from Experiment e.V.(Experiment Germany), AIPC Pandora  (Experiment Spain), EIL Intercultural Learning (Experiment Ireland), Weltweitblick-Experiment Switzerland,  AFSYFU and CSIV organizations worldwide met in Hamburg for a first-time seminar funded by the Youth In Action Program of the European Union. The goal of the seminar was to get to know each organization’s work better and to identify areas of cooperation on local, national and international levels.

To achieve these goals there were 3 Essential Questions Identified:

1) How do our organisations, through our core activities and intercultural and global citizenship education, promote peace and increased mutual understanding?

2) What is state of the art in intercultural and global citizenship education?

3) Can (and how can) further co-operation between the partners contribute to growth and development of international education and intercultural exchange organisations?

 The conference included:  key speakers , workshops around the topics of  Leadership & Participation, Advocacy & Partnership, Training  and Educational Resources and a full day for future action planning. Each participant left the meeting with their head full of ideas for further cooperation toward the important work of educating for global citizenship.




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