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Lasting Relationships: EIL Ecuador visits Experimento Brasil

Relationship is one of the defining features of any Experiment program. Even before participants and host families and group leaders meet and create lasting connections, relationship is at work in the development of the programs that make a difference in the lives of Experimenters around the world.

Each year, the members of Federation EIL, representing 23 countries around the world, gather at the annual General Assembly to renew their commitment to the mission of the Experiment and to strengthen their personal connections and working relationships.

Members also spend time together independent of the annual meeting, developing new programs and monitoring the work of established ones. At times they meet to discuss programs of mutual interest; which was the case when the Director of EIL Ecuador visited colleagues at Experimento Brasil.

Sonia Flor, Director of EIL Ecuador, was in São Paulo for the IV International Congress of Idiomatic Tourism this past October.  The conference focused on  Spanish and Portuguese language teaching and learning. Idiomatic tourism encompasses the full experience of travel and learning language, reinforcing the critical connection between language and culture.

As a member of AECEE–the Ecuadorian Association of Spanish Schools–EIL Ecuador participated actively during the congress, including representing Ecuador, which was the first nation of South America where idiomatic tourism was developed and offered almost 4 decades ago.

After the conference, Sonia visited the offices of Experimento Brasil in São Paulo to meet with staff there and to explore new cultural exchange programs of mutual interest. In 2013, Experimento Brasil was awarded the title “Best Agency in Latin America” by Study Travel Magazine. This is the fourth year in a row they have earned this award.

The VI International Congress of Idiomatic Tourism will be hold in Quito, Ecuador.  Find out more about EIL Ecuador here.

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