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Members Working Together: EIL Switzerland & Morocco

This past month EIL Switzerland Director, Martina Schmitz, of Weltweitblick, traveled to Morocco to meet with the EIL staff at Thaqafat Association in Rabat.

“Weltweitblick has seen a stronger interest in Morocco this year,” said Martina. “The Islamic world is in the media focus, and Morocco is a country where one can learn so much about Islamic culture and family life.”

While in Rabat, Martina had the opportunity to attend a weekly debriefing session with Thaqafat Secretary General, Fairouz El Hamdaoui and Program Coordinator, Karima El Alami. “It was great to see them again, ” said Martina, of her EIL colleagues, with whom she shared a delicious luncheon. 

Following the meeting, Martina also met with each of her Swiss volunteers. “I am more convinced than ever that Morocco is a great destination for my participants,” she said. “It’s not far from Europe, it’s quite safe and since most of my Swiss participants speak French, it is a very good option to experience the Arab/Islamic atmosphere very intensely.”

Martina also visited with her daughter Victoria while she was there. “Victoria is volunteering with Thaqafat at Amnesty International,” Martina explained. “She’s a student of Arabic and Oriental Studies.” While in Morocco, Martina and her husband spent time with their daughter and visited with her host family.

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