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Road Trip! A Field Report from EIL Ecuador

Adapted from from EIL Ecuador
International High School Program

“The more you do, the more you learn!”

Nicolas Mejia, participant

I had the opportunity to go to the US (New York) to find out how people from other places live and think. I had a perfect relationship with my host family.  It wasn’t even hard to get used to living in their house. We were so well matched, it was crazy!

The school was awesome too. I had a bunch of cool friends and cool classes. I think I had such an amazing experience because of my sincerity and the sincerity of the kids there. We all wanted to know new and different things.

Nicolas & his “family” on their Road Trip out West

The best part of my year was that after I finished with school, my host family and I went on a road trip to South Dakota to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where we brought donations of sporting equipment.

I tell other students who are going abroad that the more you do, the more you learn, so get out and try every single thing that intrigues you! Its easy to be shy and sheltered in your own world (school, host family) but when you get out, you really learn about the place and you get to appreciate both what you have in your host land and your home land.

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