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Social and Urban Entrepreneurship

La Pintana students

Chilean Students from la Pintana

For the second year in a row, AIPC Pandora and Experiment Chile have organized an International Mobility Program through which 9 Chilean students from La Pintana, a popular neighbourhood of Santiago de Chile were hosted in Spain. This program receives it’s financial support from the La Pintana City Hall.

The group, some of the best students from this neighborhood,  are in Spain for 27 days (from October 22nd to November 27th) , taking part in a Young Social and Urban Entrepreneurship Program. During the program, they have been visiting social and urban initiatives located in Madrid’s  city center and surrounding  neighborhoods. This experience has been combined with each student being hosted by a Spanish family and attending area high-schools. The experience has allowed them to learn about local culture, habits and behaviors. The hope of the program is to make a positive impression on these young people who can then return home with some examples of how they might positively impact their own neighborhood and country.

Before returning to their homes in Chile, the students will visit and learn about some of the most historically significant sites in Barcelona. To see the students in action, check this out:


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