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Staff Exchange Program Focuses on Quality in Intercultural Seminars (QIS)

QIS networking conference, Bonn, at the office of EIL Germany, April 2013.

This week kicks off the first of a series of staff exchanges among EIL offices in Germany, Ireland, Spain, Turkey and the UK.  The first visit will be conducted by Leo Salewski of Experiment e.V. (EIL Germany) who will travel to EIL Ireland this weekend.

This initiative was put forward at the General Assembly in Kobe, Japan in 2012 during which Federation members expressed the desire to expand possibilities for staff exchange among EIL offices.

With the support of the participating offices, Experiment e. V. (EIL Germany) submitted a proposal to the European Commission for a project entitled, “Quality in Intercultural Seminars.” In December, they received good news: EIL’s proposal was among 28 selected by EACEA (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) from a total of 108 entries.

This past April, just prior to the 2013 General Assembly, program managers and volunteers from each of the participating EIL offices gathered in Germany (pictured above) to explore how best to prepare participants for intercultural seminars. Three volunteers and staff members from each of the five partnering countries: EIL UK, EIL Ireland, EIL Turkey, AIPC Pandora in Spain and Experiment e.V. in Germany came together to discuss orientation and re-entry seminars and to develop a documentation form for each participant to use during the upcoming seminar visits.

In addition to the intensive exchange and work on documentation, there was time to explore the brewing scene of Bonn, to visit the Experiment office and to do a little sightseeing through the city. Everyone left excited to begin the forthcoming exchange activities. 

Special thanks to Tom Kurz and Justus Pieck of Experiment. e.V. for spearheading this important initiative.

 ~International Office, Federation EIL


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