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The Experiment in Turkey offers new program in Mardin

                        Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path’– Ralph Waldo Emerson



 Our Member, The Experiment in Turkey is using this challenging time to bring people together to learn.  Director, Nevin Sabuncu,  explains,  “As you may know, Turkey is going through a special time right now. There are conflicts in our neighboring countries, ‘Peace Process’ debates and discussions are happening at home and refugee camps where there are millions of people are living are all around. Why not we learn and experience this together?”

The Experiment in Turkey is offering an exciting program in the Southwest of Turkey- in Mardin,  a very historically significant city. The city is diverse ethnicity and culturally– consisting of Kurds, Arabs, Turks and Syriacs (Syrian Orthodox Christians).

Mardin Taþevler, Miniaturk


The beautiful city is situated in a critical location  located on the slope of a hill looking South to the Mesopotamian plains and is on the routes connecting Turkey to Iraq and Syria. It is known for its fascinating architecture consisting of heavily decorated stonework buildings cascading from the hilltop. The city is also famous for its delicious cuisine. 



Tentative dates are set in March for this ten day program which includes a home stay, so that participants can live with a local family. Intercultural education at its most authentic best!  For more information about this and other exciting programs contact:

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