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UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child

At its 2013 General Assembly meeting, held in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA, the collective membership of Federation EIL marked the occasion of our organization’s 80th anniversary by formally affirming our commitment to the principles endowed in the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

In so doing, the members of Federation EIL were deeply mindful of cultural differences as well as the laws unique to each country. They agreed that culturally sensitive approaches were necessary to address the safety issues for each of the member’s various programs.

The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child dates back to 1959 at which time it was fully debated and ultimately approved by representatives from each EIL member country.

This declaration provides guidance and direction to Federation’s work as a UN Peace Messenger Organization and as an international organization working with and for young people. As such, it has been enthusiastically endorsed by Federation EIL members around the world.

~International Office, Federation EIL

May 2013

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