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United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Training, EIL Morocco

Fairouz El Hamdaoui, the General Coordinator of EIL Morocco (Thaqafat Association) represented her organization at a United Nations Volunteer Training held in Rabat earlier this season. “Members of civil society, driven by the spirit of volunteerism, in the countries of Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan came together to participate in the first Arab Youth Volunteerism For a Better Future training of trainers in Rabat,” Fairouz reported.

The training focused on Volunteer Management and included topics related to Development and Volunteerism in the five Arab countries that were present. “It was a wonderful opportunity for our representatives to share and learn from different experiences related to voluntary work and lead various workshops related to orientation, training and assisting new volunteers in their respective NGOs,” said Fairouz El Hamdaoui who was accompanied by Karima El Alami, EIL Morocco Program Assistant.

More recently, Fairouz represented EIL Morocco (Thaqafat Association) as a youth delegate at the 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace. The gathering attracted over 700 people from 100 countries who came together in Vienna.  While in Austria, Fairouz was hosted by a young woman who volunteered in Morocco with Thaqafat in 2010. “Volunteering leads to life long friendship!” said Fairouz.

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