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Volunteers in Turkey work hard to help sea turtles

 Regardless of their nationality or background, volunteers are coming together in Turkey for a greater good. Working together- volunteers from Experiment e.V.,(Germany)  EIL Intercultural Learning,(Ireland) and elsewhere are diligently trying to support and save the sea turtles with Dekamar, Sea Turtle Research Centre in Turkey. An effective and well attended program organized by The Experiment in Turkey invites volunteers to contribute at the centre.

Approximately 25 people- 4 paid staff- and 21 volunteers use their time to help turtles- usually Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) or Green turtles (Chelonia Mydas). The volunteers also conduct research for Pakumalen University. The main activities for volunteers include: working with the onsite Biologists  in the visitor center distributing educational materials to increase awareness and welcome guests, taking  part in night patrols to find sea turtles and protect their nests ,  to contribute to the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles and finally taking turns cooking  meals for the volunteers at the center.

The turtle nesting season begins in May and ends around the end of June. The eggs are incubated for 45-65 days and in July the hatching season begins. It is estimated that only 3-5 out of every 1,000 hatchlings will survive until adulthood but rest assured that the our EIL volunteers will be actively watching and protecting the young as they make their way into the ocean for the first time. 

You can cheer along as our volunteers help to release a rehabilitated turtle  into the ocean here: (Many thanks to Niamh Kinnarney from Ireland for sharing the video). 

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