Demi Pair

What is Demi Pair?

Demi Pair is the modern, upgraded version of the well-known Au Pair Program–but with fewer hours in the home to allow more time for educational and other cultural experiences.

The Demi Pair program meets the growing workplace demand for multilingual university students who have significant experience abroad.  The possibility of concentrating intensive language courses in shorter stays enables students to have a true intercultural experience in host families which is the key to success for this new program.

Demi Pairs have the possibility of choosing between 3 or 6 months programs in various countries. In certain places up to 9 months may be possible. In most countries an intensive 3 month language course will often culminate in a TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge Certificate in the English Speaking countries, or its counterparts DELE, DELF/CFP for Spanish or French. Longer courses are also possible.

Where Can I Go?

Experiment e.V. in Germany currently offers Demi Pair Programs to Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Ireland and New Zealand.

How Does it Work?

Demi Pairs must demonstrate through references that they have adequate childcare experience to be able to participate in the program.

Unlike the Au Pair Programme where participants are scattered all over a country, Demi Pairs are usually all placed in one mid-to-large sized city, as cultural and entertainment activities play an important role in this program.

Attending the same language school in an interesting city also gives the Demi Pairs the chance to build new friendships in an international environment with people of the same age.

Schools provide cultural free time activities that can be attended around the 20 to 25 hours that demi pairs work for the family. Each family establishes a schedule at their convenience to split the 20 to 25 hours of child minding and household chores throughout the week.

Demi Pairs are also provided with a single room and board as a family member. Family work requests may not interfere with language class time and each Demi Pair has at least one and a half free days per week.

In some countries a small allowance is paid to contribute towards transportation to and from school. In many countries there is no pocket money, simply the exchange of work for free room and board.

Some countries have specific visa requirements for the program. Depending on the nationality it can be a working holiday visa, a student visa or even a cultural exchange visa.