High School Semester/Year Abroad

Members of Federation EIL have been offering The International High School Program for more than 30 years. Thousands of students have had the opportunity to spend a trimester, semester or full year in another country. By living with a family and studying at the local high school, students become fluent in another language, open their minds to another culture, make lifelong friends and learn more than ever about themselves and the world around them.

What is the International High School Program?

Whether it is for a semester, a school year or just a couple of months, The International High School program places students with caring, carefully selected host families that provide full room and board.  Local coordinators provide assistance and supervision through the program and students typically attend a local school, chosen jointly by the host family and the local coordinator.

Where Can I Go?

Federation EIL members in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, South Korea , Spain and the UK offer semester and year-long study abroad opportunities to students between the ages of 15 and 18.

How Does It Work?

The International High School Program brings together several organizations and individuals all working together to arrange the many aspects of your program abroad.

The Federation EIL office in your home country organizes the program, selects and interviews students and provides all the needed pre-departure information and orientation.

The Federation EIL office in your host country coordinates and supervises all aspects of the in-country program and provides 24/7 support from day of arrival through to day of departure.

The Local Representative in your Host Community selects a family for you, picks you up together with the family at the airport, provides you with a complete orientation on arrival and is always available to answer your questions and give you support during your stay.

Your Homestay Family has been selected for you from among a number of families who have applied to host an international student.  Every effort is made to match you with the most suitable family based on what we know of you and your interests.  Each family has been personally interviewed and has gone through a specific training to become a host family, able to care for a foreign student.

The School in Your Host Community has been chosen for you by your family and your Local Representative.  It is typically a public school, located within reasonable distance of your home.  Your Local Representative maintains contact with the school, with the host family and with you throughout your stay in order to monitor your progress and provide any needed support.  Although there may be other international students at your high school, the number is typically limited in order to provide you with every opportunity to become fully integrated into school life.