Language Courses

Learn a new language or improve your existing skills. Federation EIL partners team up with leading language academies around the world to offer quality programs that typically involve travel and immersion in both culture and language.

Where Can I Go?

Federation EIL members in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, Turkey and the UK offer language training programs in Arabic, English, French, Ghanaian languages, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and Spanish.

How Does It Work?

Immersion programs offer flexible schedules, experienced instructors and personalized attention.  Language Programs can be combined with homestays, travel or excursion options, and special interests such as sports, dance, cooking or service projects.  Whether it is for one individual or a small group, Federation EIL programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the learner.  Programs focus on building communication skills in combination with social and cultural activities.

Choose from a range of programs at your level of proficiency. There is a choice of program length and degree of intensity depending on your preferences.

You can choose homestays, on-campus accommodations or other housing options during your stay, depending upon availability and the specific program offerings.