EIL Programs Hosted in Argentina

High School Programs in Argentina

This program was launched in 2009 with our first six students from Experiment Germany.  This program gives high school students from different countries the opportunity to spend five or ten months in Argentina.  Participants live with a local host family and take part in their daily activities. In this way, students have a first-hand experience of Argentine education, traditions and way of life while continuing their high school studies.


Road ScholarRoad Scholar

Our first Road Scholar group came to Argentina in 1996. Road Scholar is a not-for-profit organization that provides exceptional learning adventures to nearly 200,000 older adults each year. Road Scholar believes learning is a lifelong pursuit that opens minds and enriches lives and that sharing new ideas, challenges and experiences is rewarding in every season of life.

TLE/ Experiment Argentina offers the following Road Scholar program:

  • Discovering Wines & Traditions of Argentina & Chile (two times a year)

VIP – Volunteers for International Partnership

TLE/EIL Argentina has been offering volunteer programs since 1993. We have hosted volunteers from Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, Spain & USA with programs that have taken place in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, La Plata, Bariloche, Córdoba, La Rioja, Salta, Santa Fe, San Martin de los Andes and Tucumán. TLE/EIL also has hosted a multinational community service oriented program in Chilecito, La Rioja.

Volunteer work varies from teaching English, working in a hospital for children, helping local organizations, providing health counseling for women, assisting local staff at schools in rural areas with rebuilding activities (cleaning, painting, etc.) and serving meals at soup kitchens.

Volunteer projects are typically for a three to six month period and include an orientation and language program in Buenos Aires followed by a project placement in the interior of the country.


Teacher’s Helper Program

The Teach in Argentina program allows foreign students to spend 3 months immersing in the Argentine culture while helping others get to know their culture and language as English as a foreign language teaching assistants. While  teaching, students have the opportunity to live with an Argentine family and become a true member of that family, learning about Argentine culture as an insider!


Weltwärts is a Volunteer Program offered and funded by the Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (BMZ)-Germany.

Weltwärts addresses young people between the ages of 18 and 28 who want to work in projects in developing countries for 6 to 24 months after having completed their school education or vocational training. This volunteer program is working around the globe: in Africa, Asia, Latin America and East Europe.


 La Casita Del Quirquincho

This child center/soup kitchen was created in 2008 by 2 German volunteers who came to Argentina as participants in the Weltwärts program. Kaddy and Anita chose the name for this project because they were touched emotionally when they saw and heard about this typical animal named “Quirquincho.”  Found in the NW of Argentina, Quirquincho looks like a giant rat but is covered by a hard shell which protects the animal. This name provides a symbolic meaning to the center/soup kitchen in Chilecito, La Rioja, since La Casita should be like a house that protects all those children coming there.

The task is to collaborate with parents and teachers, so as to obtain a better life for the children (about 40, aged 3 to 9) in the village of San Miguel.  Children are offered warm meals, homework support and free-time activities.  In past years, activities have included: establishing a vegetable garden, installing the ground floor, trips to the local museum, to the mountains and to an ice-cream factory and a lot more.  This project relies almost entirely on donations and voluntary work.

The Robertson Scholars Program

A Duke University & University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill program, The Robertson Scholars Program is one of the most generous merit scholarship programs in North American higher education. This program transforms students through their immersion in the intellectual and social life of two dynamic universities and their interaction with diverse communities. The experience of being a Robertson Scholar helps students become thoughtful, creative, lifelong contributors to society; the kind of citizens and leaders prepared to meet the unprecedented challenges that our interdependent world will ask of them. The Experiment in Argentina provides students with experiences that challenge and stimulate them. Activities that engage students intellectually, homestays, sports and community service are coordinated both in Buenos Aires and in Salta.

www.robertsonscholars.org / www.tle.com.ar/isonza.htm

The Language Experience (TLE) /Experiment Argentina (EIL) is committed to the idea that international exchange and connections to communities beyond our own are among the best ways of contributing to global understanding and improvement.

As an organization, we place large value on being invested not only in the international community, but in our national community and in giving back to the portion of the Argentine population that continues to struggle. We attempt to build strong and lasting relationships with local community organizations, relationships founded not only on sponsorship, but on an exchange of ideas, challenges and experiences

The school is located in the rural area of Isonza, a small settlement approximately 130 km. from the city of Salta in the midst of breathtaking mountain scenery.  A working ranch, a sanitary control post, and a small chapel are the only neighbors. Classes cover kindergarten to 9th grade. A director, school teacher and specialist in agriculture are in charge of the school and education.

Some 32 children attend the school in Isonza and most of them live there Monday to Friday. Parents drop their children off on Mondays and pick them up on Fridays. Travel is by horseback!! Students share the school facilities sleeping, eating and studying there during the week.

Through a foster parent adoption plan (contribution of less than $100 USD per year) and other donations, we have been able to accomplish much at the school, including: change water pipes and add solar panels; purchase 3 laptop and books, videos and clothing; build a second classroom, a chicken coop, a pig pen and a vegetable garden/green house; and take students on a two day visit to the city of Salta when most have never left this area. We have also implemented a leather handicraft, a wool weaving and a ceramic workshop; and we added milk to their daily diet.

Adopcion A Distancia:
Several years ago, TLE/ EIL Argentina began to work closely with Asociación Cultural en el Desarrollo Integral (ACDI), an organization in the province of Santa Fe (5 ½ hours north east of Buenos Aires.)

Their program Adopción a Distancia provides “godparents” to needy children in parts of the country where in recent years more than 50% of the population has been below the poverty line.

Our relationship with the Asociación began when we ourselves became godparents. Due to the respect we gained for the organization, we began to work very closely with them and have sent volunteers to work in the schools that many of the godchildren attend.

Small monthly contributions by the godparents help the families by relieving the financial pressure of purchasing books, clothing, and meeting other basic needs of the children. Most importantly, the relationship opens new horizons for the godchild. Being a godparent is an on-going exchange of letters, drawings and updates, which we as godparents have found very rewarding and fun.

High School Summer Abroad in Argentina 


Choose between two programs in a country of rugged natural beauty, European colonial architecture, and a vibrant cultural scene.

A summer with the Experiment in Argentina will challenge you to use and improve your Spanish language skills and directly engage you in Argentinean life and culture through community service, outdoor/ecological adventure, photography, and/or visual arts. Both programs include an orientation in Buenos Aires and a homestay.

The Experiment offers two summer abroad programs in Argentina for high school students. Both include fascinating regional exploration, travel, hands-on activities, and excursions.

  1. Community Service and the Great Outdoors
  2. Visual Arts, Photography, and Community Service