About EIL Ecuador

EcuadorEIL Ecuador is a non-profit organization established in Ecuador in 1977.  Since then EIL Ecuador has been offering intercultural experiences for the Ecuadorian and international communities. Programs engage individuals and groups in cultural exploration and discovery through a variety of learning experiences such as homestays, volunteer work, language training, study-travel, academic year, TESOL certification and more.


By making it possible for persons of different nationalities, cultures, religions and ages to live and learn together, The Experiment contributes to mutual understanding, respect and peace among peoples of the world.

Our vision: A World in Peace
Our mission: Provide opportunities for the participants in our various programs to develop knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that contribute to international understanding and peace among peoples of the world.

Staff Team:

Sonia Flor,
National Director
Sara Sánchez,
Outbound Programs Director
Felipe Hidalgo,
Outbound Programs Assistant
Myriam Flor,
Incoming, Programs Director
Marylene Messina,
Incoming programs Coordinator
Diana Quintero,
Incoming Programs Assistant
Sophía Yánez,
Spanish Department
Luis Avila,
Spanish and Kichwa Coordinator
Shirley Mantilla,
English Department
Belén Velazco,
Administrative Coordinator
Edgar Rivadeneira,
Systems Administrator
Valeria García

Board Team:

Pablo Espinosa President
Board StaffAnne de Alvear Vice-president
Fanny Donoso de Puertas Member of the Board
Sonia Vivero Member of the Board
Consuelo García Member of the Board
Sonia Flor National Director

Contact Information:

Address: Hernando de la Cruz N31-37 and Mariana de Jesús , Quito – Ecuador South America
Phone: (+593-2) 2551937 / (+593-2) 2906457 / (+593-2) 2239429 /(+593-2) 2233529/ 2233528 from outside Ecuador



Member of the North American-Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce in Quito, Ecuador as a non-profit organization International Language Testing Association -  ILTA Asociación Ecuatoriana de Centros de Enseñanza de Español - AECEE