EIL Programs Hosted in Ecuador

Homestays of 1 or more weeks in different Ecuadorian cities and towns are available all year round for international participants 18 years of age or older.

Depending on the length of the program, homestays may be arranged in a way that participants can experience 2 or more families in different areas of the country.



Teen Group Travel3 to 5 week programs are available in Ecuador for student groups. Participants live with Ecuadorian families, participate in community work, and enjoy field trips.


EIL Programs Hosted in Ecuador

High School Semester/Year Abroad

High School AbroadEIL Ecuador provides semester or year-long programs for international students, ages 16 to 18.  Students are placed with Ecuadorian families in small cities, attend public school, and may participate by request in volunteer service during their stay.


College Semester Abroad

EIL Ecuador arranges homestay families, Spanish course and activities related to culture and language learning for college and university students participating in the SIT Study Abroad Program in Ecuador.  SIT Academic Directors oversee the academic components of the program.

SIT Study Abroad is a program of World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute.


Language TrainingSpanish or Kichwa classes are offered at EIL Ecuador´s Language Center or online.

Courses are available for individuals or groups, including high school and university students, and cultural travel organization groups

Community volunteer work takes place in social, educational, and environmental fields. Groups may volunteer for 2 days to 2 weeks; individuals may volunteer for a duration of 2 to 12 months.

EIL Ecuador is also proud to partner with Experiment Germany on The Weltwärts Program – a special volunteer program sponsored by the German Government.  The program duration is 12 months.

Adult Programs

Programs can be arranged for your group’s specific interests, such as ecotourism, bird watching, trekking.



Customized Groups

Designed according to ages and interest of the group (of any age), programs typically include field trips, lectures, cultural excursions, and community work.


SIT TesolSIT TESOL Certificate
This is a 4-week intensive certification course for Teaching English as a Second language.  The program may be combined with 1 week of Spanish lessons prior the course. Participants may be placed in a homestay. We offer this course in January, July, September and November.

Tutoring for ESL Students This program focuses on improving the English language skills of Ecuadorian students. English teachers can participate in this program as well.

Demi-PairDemi-Pair  Participants receive language training prior to their placement with a Demi-Pair family. The program duration is from 12 to 24 weeks.

Gap Year EIL Ecuador partners with Global Citizen Year, arranging for homestay families, language courses, and cultural and safety orientation programs for GCY students spending a gap year in Ecuador.

Gap Semester EIL Ecuador partners with Thinking Beyond Borders, arranging homestay families, language courses, and cultural and safety orientation for  students on TBB’s Ecuador Gap Semester.   EIL Ecuador also provides  community experience in the fields of education, health and the environment.


4-24 week internships are available in various fields such as museums, agriculture, medicine and others. This program is offered all year around.

High School Summer Abroad in Ecuador

The Galápagos, the Amazon, and the Andean Highlands


Home to the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon Jungle, and the Andean highlands, Ecuador is a country of incredible natural beauty, indigenous cultures, and well-preserved colonial cities.

Orientation in Quito

Located high in the Andes, Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, becomes your classroom for three exciting days. Practice your Spanish as you buy traditional foods from local vendors, shop in bustling street markets, visit the equator with Spanish teachers, or stroll around the small town of Sangolqui.


For three weeks, you live in a community of colonial-era Spanish architecture surrounded by the snow-capped Andes. Learn about life on the equator as you share daily life with your host family. Salsa lessons, pick-up soccer games, and trips to local markets deepen the connection to your new home.

Sample activities:
Travel to Mitad del Mundo; explore a pre-Incan archaeological site; trek through a local forest reserve to see rare birds, plants, and pumas; take part in a service project working with a local nonprofit organization; visit the animal market in Guamote; take a train to “Devil’s Nose”; bike down Mt. Chimborazo; hike the peaks of three volcanoes.

Sample host communities:
Riobamba, Cotacachi, Salcedo

Exploring the Galápagos and the Amazon

Investigate rare plant and animal species on the Galapagos Islands and take a trip through the Amazon Jungle. Learn from naturalists about the fragile ecology and unique biodiversity of these extraordinary regions.

Sample activities:
Cruise by night from island to island; snorkel in lava grottoes, home to sea lions and seals; explore mangrove forests and flamingo lagoons; observe the courtship display of rare tropical birds; paddle into the heart of the jungle on a guided canoe expedition; visit a village to learn about indigenous Ecuadorian traditions.