GuatemalaINLEXCA was created in 2004 by two lifelong co-workers in the Peace Corps. They took their experience working throughout Latin America to form a not-for-profit organization which now operates in Guatemala and Costa Rica. In 2005 the first volunteers from The Experiment arrived in Guatemala to share culture, experience, gain a new perspective, and contribute to development.

Currently INLEXCA receives volunteers, students and teachers from different parts of the world who aim to experience and to contribute to the development of Central America.


INLEX/CA’s mission is to strengthen human resources at the Guatemalan and Central American levels through education, experiential training, exchanges, educational tours and evaluation. We provide an excellent option to volunteer in Latin America or to experience an educational program abroad.

Staff Team:

Carlos Colombi (Director)
Gloria Solis (Associate Director)
Diego Colombi (Educational Services Coordinator)
Alex Perez (Program Coordinator-Guatemala)
Tanya Castro (Program Coordinator-Costa Rica)


Board Team:

Carlos Colombi
Diego Colombi
Alicia Lamm
Alicia Cobar
Alejandra Asturias
Alfredo Gonzalez


Contact Information:

Mailing Address: Apartado 161, Antigua, Guatemala
Phone: (+502) 56487140


Social Media: