EIL Programs Hosted in Guatemala

Design, Management, and Evaluation of Development ProjectsDesign, Management & Evaluation of Development Projects

INLEX/CA can design, manage, and evaluate development projects in the areas of non-formal and formal education (basic, bilingual, technology, parents’ involvement, teacher training, material development, and women leadership), micro-enterprise development, income generation, agriculture and natural resources, health, municipal development, and environment.

Training for NGOs in Central America

INLEX/CA offers training courses in topics of interest for NGOs working in development projects in Central America. Some of these topics include: non-formal education philosophy and techniques, needs assessment, project evaluation, project planning, strategic planning, management skills, NGO administration, and performance appraisals.

Training for Corporations and BusinessesTraining for Corporations and Businesses

INLEX/CA offers the development and implementation of training plans for private companies.

Based on needs identified by management and employees, the plan is geared towards the different levels of responsibility within the company. Training topics may include staff development strategies, performance appraisal systems, management skills, motivation, conflict resolution, and other company-identified needs.

Intercultural ServicesIntercultural Services

For companies sending their employees and families to work in a Central American country, INLEX/CA offers cultural and adaptation training both pre-departure and in-country, as well as in-country support regarding aspects such as housing, schooling, language, visas, etc.


Volunteer Programs in Guatemala

INLEX/CA arranges programs for groups or individuals looking to contribute to development through being a volunteer in Guatemala. This can include language training (Spanish or an indigenous language), living with local families, cross-cultural orientation, and work as a volunteer in a rural development project.


Join teens from around the world for a three-week program of discovery, exploration, exchange and adventure.  Travel in a group of 6-10 with an experienced adult leader.

Educational Tours

INLEX/CA educational tours offer integral learning experiences in any Central American country. These include educational activities focusing on topics such as environment, health, education, indigenous cultures, democratization, community development, grassroots organizations, animal husbandry, tropical agriculture, organic farming, micro-enterprises, and income-generating projects.

These tours also include cross-cultural training and experiences, plus optional Spanish or Mayan language training.

Semester/Summer Abroad in Guatemala

Semester/Summer Abroad in GuatemalaINLEX/CA can arrange for extended periods of time: living, studying, and practical experiences in a Central American country for college or high school students, groups, or individuals.

Depending on specific agreements, these educational experiences abroad may help students earn credits as part of the regular studies of the participants in these programs.