EIL Programs in Mexico (LAMAT, A.C.)

MexicoAbout LAMAT, A.C.

LAMAT is a Mexican non-profit organization for International Education committed to promoting world peace through principles and values obtained by intercultural experiences.

Tolerance and understanding bring people together. To facilitate this process LAMAT designs community service, cultural, educational and volunteering programs in Mexico so that Mexican and international people can learn about our country. With the help of our international partners, LAMAT also develops programs worldwide so that Mexican participants can learn about other cultures while they promote their own in an active and responsible way. LAMAT’s programs are enhanced by our commitment to education and by encouraging all our participants to research their world.

EIL Programs in Mexico (LAMAT, A.C.)

Staff Team:

Joshua Tripp – Executive Director
Daniel Pérez – Program Director
Alan Vargas – Volunteer Program Coordinator
Elena Brito – Au Pair Program
Víctor Quiróz – Business Development
Verónica Ornelas – Pedagogical Advisor


Board Team:

Fabiola Salinas – President
César Bracamontes – Vice President
Azucena Cháidez – Treasurer


Contact Information:

Address: Cto. Fuentes del Pedregal #723,
Col. Fuentes del Pedregal
c.p. 14140, México D.F., México
Phone: +52 (55) 51-35-58-30 / 51-35-59-11
Fax +52 (55) 51-35-66-24
Email: contacto@lamatmexico.org
Web: www.lamatmexico.org


Social Media: