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Mexico-PEIAbout Programas Educativos Interculturales (PEI)

Programas Educativos Interculturales (PEI) A.C. was founded in 2006 by a group of volunteers with a strong desire to continue the project started in Mexico in 1950 by Experiment founder Dr. Donald Watt and Director Bárbara B. de Gómez of Mexico. Both were visionaries and pioneers in the field of the international living experiences and development of intercultural awareness.

Programas Educativos Interculturales (PEI) A.C is legally constituted as a “Civil Association”, a non-profit organisation, whose main objective is to create opportunities for individuals to participate in  global learning experiences of the highest quality.

Programas Educativos Interculturales (PEI)

PROGRAMAS EDUCATIVOS INTERCULTURALES, A. C. is a non-profit organisation that believes in the promotion of opportunities to enable individuals to enhance their intercultural competence through their involvement in global learning experiences.

The members of this organisation include local representatives, volunteers and staff — some of whom have more than forty years of experience working in educational exchange programs. Our objective is to help build peace in the world. We believe total immersion is the most effective way of building understanding between different cultures.

Staff TeamStaff Team:

Cecilia Gamez, Acting Director
Fernanda Lozano, Volunteer Programs Manager
Rocío Castillo, Administrative Support

Board Team:

Octavio Espinoza, President
Board TeamHilda Murua, Vice President
Miguel Angel Aguilar, Treasurer

Contact Information:

Address: Cozumel 47-402, Col. Roma, 06700, Mexico, D.F.
Phone: 52 12 18 87, from abroad 00 52 55 52 12 1887
Email: info@peinterculturales.org.mx
Web: www.peinterculturales.org.mx

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