EIL Programs for Mexican Participants (PEI)

HomestaysThis program is designed to help Mexican participants become part of a host family abroad. PEI believes that daily contact with a host community naturally encourages the use of a language while building personal skills — empowering individuals to face new situations more readily.

A homestay experience transcends the experience of the typical tourist or tour, allowing participants to get to know another culture and its traditions deeply while forming long-lasting friendships.

Teen Group Travel“Experience the Experiment”

PEI promotes this unique opportunity for teenagers who are eager to travel independently, but who are not old enough to do so.  Participants travel as part of an international group that experiences the daily life of a community together and gets to know a new country through different social situations.  Trained group leaders and experienced local offices support students as they get to know the different cultures within the group while immersed in a new cultural environment.

High School AbroadHigh School Abroad in Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and the USA:

PEI offers a High School Abroad Program for Mexican students between the ages of 15 and 17 who are curious, enthusiastic and creative. This program immerses students in a different culture while they continue their studies and form new friendships. In doing so, students develop stronger global and local perspectives on issues that affect their lives.

Language TrainingA wide range of language courses are offered to Mexican students who want to learn or perfect a second language. This cultural immersion experience not only enhances learning but also exposes students to cultural situations that enrich their personal lives.

Our courses take place in Canada, Ireland, France, Japan and Germany.

VolunteerPEI promotes the Volunteer Abroad Program among those candidates looking for a unique experience–one that not only builds lasting friendships, but also immerses them in a new culture while making a difference in disadvantaged communities.

Customized GroupsPEI Mexico can design special programs adapted to the needs, the calendar or the budget of any Mexican  institution or company. We can meet specific requirements for High School or University groups, supporting them in the learning of languages and the development of intercultural skills. We create challening, enriching and unforgettable programs with the support and collaboration of our associates abroad.

A combination of classroom lectures, workshops, guided visits, short fieldtrips and stays with host families will facilitate the acquisition of a second language and the practice of language skills.  The program will also enrich their knowledge of the culture and its traditions while allowing participants to share the best of their own with the hosting community.

Summer  Easter CampsSummer & Easter Camps in Canada, Ireland and France

PEI promotes these programs to help Mexican students make the best of their Summer and Easter holidays. Through living in an international residence or with a host family, students experience new cultural environments, challenge their personal skills, develop lifelong friendships, and deepen their appreciation of what they have back home.