EIL Programs Hosted in Mexico (PEI)

HomestaysThe best way to get to know Mexico, the warmth of its people and its culture and traditions, as well as to improve Spanish skills, is by living with a local family and taking part in their daily routine.

Our host families are carefully selected by a local representative who monitors both the participant┬┤s and the host family’s experience.

At arrival in the host community, participants receive an orientation to the program to help them get familiar with the social life in the community and the dynamics of their new family.

High School AbroadParticipants in this programme can study for 3, 5 or 10 months in a private High School in Mexico.

The program is available in a number of different Mexican Cities such as Zacatecas, Puebla, Tuxtla Gutierrez (Chiapas) and Queretaro. Participants live with carefully selected Mexican host families and receive a detailed orientation on arrival in Mexico City. Mexican families are noted for their hospitality and sense of fun. Their primary motivation in receiving an international student is to get to know the traditions of another culture and to share their own.

Host families will introduce participants to the rules of the house and the school, and the customs of the community, and will make a great effort to help the participant get the best from this experience.

Language TrainingPEI offers the opportunity to learn Spanish or improve language skills by attending a total immersion program in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Zacatecas!

These courses combine innovative techniques and teaching methods designed to promote rapid advancement in speaking Spanish. The schools we work with are noted for their warm and friendly atmosphere; and of course, Mexican host families are noted for their warm welcome. Participants will discover cultural insights and experiences inaccessible to simple visitors or tourists. This opportunity will enrich their knowledge of the Spanish language and Mexican culture and daily life.

VolunteerPEI’s volunteering program in Mexico focuses on projects that seek to help those living in poverty. Mexico is indeed a land of contrasts where volunteers can make a valuable contribution in communities that are in danger of being left behind with regard to progress and opportunities. The presence of a volunteer in a project reinforces the idea that the needs of a group are being heard and that something is being done to help them. Areas such a special education, community initiatives (ecological or academic projects) and human rights are covered in remote rural locations as well as in cities.

Mexican hospitality is widely recognized and volunteers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Mexican culture by living with a local family. Through living and working with local people, participants will learn that the best resource of Mexico is… its own people.

Customized GroupsProgramas Educativos Interculturales, A.C. can design special programs adapted to the needs, the calendar or the budget of an institution or group from anywhere in the world. We can meet specific requirements or learning objectives and create challenging, enriching and unforgettable programs.

A combination of classroom lectures, workshops, guided visits and short field trips facilitate the acquisition of Spanish knowledge, the practice of language skills, and the personal interaction among group participants and a Mexican host community.

Language TrainingInternational candidates can become tutors of a conversation class at primary, high school or university level groups. They can also support language conversation group sessions at certain small hotels or Government Tourist offices.

While taking part in this program, participants will enjoy a homestay which will allow them to practice their knowledge of Spanish and get to know Mexican culture and traditions first hand!

Internships in Mexico

We offer internship programs for international participants interested in areas such as special education, social work, hospitality, community development, human rights and veterinary focus in horse training.

From a minimum of 8 weeks to a maximum of 24, participants over 20 who had at least studied two years of a career related to the selected area, or who have at least three years or work experience in the same area can apply for this program.

Internships in Mexico

Internships in Mexico