About The Experiment in International Living – Summer Abroad Programs for High School Students

The Experiment in International Living has been offering immersive cross-cultural exchanges, fun and thought-provoking adventures, and experiential learning programs since 1932. Today, The Experiment provides summer abroad opportunities for high school students in 27 countries worldwide including in Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Mongolia, South Africa, and Thailand see full location list.

The Experiment Difference
A summer with The Experiment is not a trip or a tour. It’s a journey to expand your understanding of the world and potentially change your life forever. Experimenters don’t observe another place from the windows of a bus; Experimenters directly engage with their host communities through language study, community service, travel, ecology, the arts, cooking, photography, theater, or outdoor adventure. Experimenters become members of host families — sharing new languages, traditions, and food. Experimenters develop deep, lasting friendships with people they might otherwise never have met.

Each Experiment group typically comprises 10 to 15 high school students who come from diverse communities nationwide and from around the world. Experimenters share an intellectual curiosity for the world and are looking to make a difference by broadening their cultural horizons.

The Experiment in International Living’s mission is to create meaningful, dynamic experiences for students eager to challenge themselves and engage their sense of global citizenry.