EIL Programs Hosted in South Korea


Youth from all over the world are invited to come live with a Korean host family for a short term to experience the life of a Korean family. Those interested in a local Korean life experience can apply to live with a host family from a week to a maximum of 4 weeks.

Teen Group TravelSpend 3 weeks participating in diverse activities to achieve a better understanding of the history and present situation of the Korean peninsula. Many of the activities will be accompanied by Korean youth of similar ages and together participants will be able to share and create action plans for world peace.


High School AbroadStudents will live with a Korean host families and attend a local high schools for this year-length program. This program is open to international students between ages of 16 and 18 with reasonable levels of Korean or English.

Customized GroupsYES Center offers tailor-made programs to cater to the needs of universities and organizations and youth groups through a wide variety of options ranging from study visits to corporations, museums to temple stays, community service activities and many more.

EIL Programs Hosted in Korea
Culture Academy:  YES Center offers cultural and even philosophical education for youth covering various topics, ranging from month-long program focused on tackling big issues such as discrimination & prejudice, effective and ineffective communication, collaboration, peace, and ultimately learning how to achieve the establishment of a better world, beginning at the local level.

Global Seminar:  YES Center invites various individuals to gather together in order to present their personal discoveries and experiences with globalized education. Previous speakers have been NSLI-Y graduates, current Harvard students, teachers, employees of CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service), UN employees, and others.

Summer abroad

NSLI-Y:  The State Department’s National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) provides merit-based scholarships to U.S. high school students and recent graduates interested in learning less-commonly studied foreign languages overseas.  Through this program American high school students on full scholarships come to study Korean language and culture for a summer, semester or a year in a Korean high school.

High School Summer Abroad in South Korea 

Peace Studies, Art, and Culture


Explore Korea’s ancient traditions and contemporary challenges durinig a month of peace studies, artistic exploration, and cultural adventure in the Republic of Korea.


A hub of economic and cultural life, Seoul becomes your classroom during a whirlwind orientation. Working with Korean experts, visit diverse neighborhoods, practice language skills while shopping in local markets with Korean college students, sample spicy kimchi in street-side restaurants, and attend workshops on Korean culture, art, and history.


Spend a week getting to know a new family and community. Whether cooking delicious meals of bulgogi, kayaking with host siblings, or taking taekwondo lessons with martial artists, you develop new friendships and a deeper understanding of Korean life and culture.

Sample host communities: Jeonju, Hwacheon


Ease into the peaceful daily routines at a Korean Buddhist temple. Living side by side with Buddhist monks in simple temple accommodations, you learn about religious traditions, practice the art of meditation, attend cultural workshops, participate in a tea ceremony, hike the rocky hills around the temple, and connect deeply with your fellow travelers.


Explore issues of peace, reconciliation, and reunification on the Korean peninsula. Gain a deeper understanding of Korea’s past through films about the Korean War and meetings with historians. Embrace Korea’s present through community service with North Korean refugees and a visit to the demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel to see firsthand the challenges of a divided country. Consider the possibilities of Korea’s future through discussions about reunification efforts and meetings with local youth that help build bridges of understanding and acceptance.


Spend your final days in Korea taking in the natural beauty of mountainous Gangwon Province in northeastern Korea. Hike through national parks, visit fishing villages, see the sunrise over the East Sea, and reflect on your Korean Experiment.


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