About The Experiment in Singapore

singaporeXu Bo (Singapore) Art & Culture Exchange opened in Singapore in 2009 following the establishment in 2005 of Xu Bo’s first office in Shanghai.  Our offices serve primarily as a platform for arranging and administering educational and cultural exchanges between China and Singapore, and other countries. Xu Bo is involved in culture exchange projects with organizations in Holland, Norway, USA, UK, Iceland, Korea, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.

Xu Bo’s focus in Singapore is promotion of projects such as inbound and outbound individual volunteer projects, group volunteer projects, inbound and outbound internships, and Culture Visits and High School Exchange programs. It is also our goal to further understanding and cooperation within Singapore. Toward this end, we will provide professional education resources and promote the exchange of information between countries in order to build a bridge between east and west.

About The Experiment in Singapore


  • Provide opportunities for foreign volunteers to experience Singapore
  • Provide opportunities for Singaporean volunteers to intern or volunteer in foreign countries.
  • Promote understanding across cultural boundaries through meaningful education programs.
  • Allow foreign volunteers and interns to experience the vibrant life of Singapore

SingaporeStaff Team:

Jiong Duanmu, Director
Chen Pei: Program manager
Athena Lee: Volunteer and internship program coordiantor
Summer Kong: Inbound high school program and outbound program coordinator
Zou Lingyin: Accountant

Board Team:

Cao Hui, President
Peggy Wai, secretry
John Millspaugh

SingaporeContact Information:

Address:  06-193, BLK 491, Amdiralty Link, Singapore, 750491
Phone: +65 90921968



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