EIL Programs for Participants from Singapore

Volunteers to Mexico, Ireland, Morocco, Chile

EIL Programs for Participants from SingaporeAt Singapore’s National Day rally in 2013, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the establishment of a Volunteer Youth Corps to help young Singaporeans contribute to their community. This program is intended to help empower Singapore’s youth to make meaningful contributions to both local and international communities. The program will be administered by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth which describes the program on its website…

“The volunteer youth corps, which is open to students in ITE, Polytechnics and Universities as well as young adults, will expand opportunities for youths to volunteer and make a difference to the community in a sustained and meaningful way. The programme will have two key components:

Overseas Community Projects: We will build on the existing Youth Expedition Project (YEP) and restructure it to have more focus and impact.

Local Community Projects: We will match youths to critical local community needs and enable them to make sustained and meaningful contributions.

Xu Bo is especially well-suited to make a contribution to the Overseas Community Projects component of the Youth Volunteer Corps.