EIL Programs Hosted in Singapore

EIL Programs Hosted in SingaporeStopover Program

Designed for one year exchange students to Australia or New Zealand, participants have an opportunity to explore Singapore for four days on the way to their destination country. The program includes volunteer work, sightseeing, BBQ by the beach, etc.

For more information: http://www.xubo.org/singapore-dfsr-stopover-program.html


EIL Programs Hosted in SingaporeSocial Work and Animal Care Program

Xu Bo now offers the following international volunteer placements in Singapore:

Rescue centre for wild animals

In this program volunteers assist in the operation of Singapore’s largest wild animal center.
The objectives of the Animal Rescue Center are to:
1. Foster respect and compassion for all animals
2. Improve the living conditions and welfare of animals held in captivity 3. Educate people on lifestyle choices that are environmentally-friendly and do not involve the abuse of animals

EIL Programs Hosted in SingaporeCentres for people with disabilities

Volunteers will work in Cheshire Home which was founded in 1957 with the aim of providing a “home” for the care of seriously disabled people who have limited or no financial means of support and whose families, if any, are unable to provide adequate care.

See more info at http://www.xubo.org/singapore_foreign_volunteering.html


EIL Programs Hosted in SingaporeInternship

Expand your horizons and extend your network. Gain valuable work experience through an international internship program. Experience first-hand the incredibly fast-growing economy of Singapore. Learn how to work with colleagues from different cultures. Build friendships with local people and boost your confidence by facing new challenges abroad. Explore the fantastic city of Singapore and have an adventure you will never forget.

Participants will intern with non-profit organizations in Singapore where they will be expected to work as full time employees in the assigned company. Internships are currently available in the fields of marketing, accounting, information technoloty, event management, and sales.

For more information: http://www.xubo.org/singapore_foreign_internships.html

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