EIL Programs Hosted in Germany

HomestaysExperiment e.V.  organizes homestays for individual participants from all over the world. The participants live in German host families and gain valuable insights into German everyday life and culture. The program length is between two and four weeks. Individual schedules are of course possible.

Homestays for international students: A two-week homestay in German host families supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for non-German students enrolled at German universities. This program is organized several times a year including Easter, Summer and Christmas.

Homestays for scholars of the Fulbright Commission and the German Academic Exchange Service: We organize homestays with German host families for US-Americans and other nationalities prior to their studies at a German university.

Homestay for African German Teachers: We organize homestays for German teachers from Africa prior to their training course at different Goethe Institutes in Germany. The program is offered as a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Goethe Institute.

Teen Group TravelExperiment e.V. organizes group programs in Germany for international students, for example, during school vacations. The program can include sightseeing, a homestay and a community service project. Our group programs have different modules that can be combined according to individual needs.

High School Abroad

High School Abroad

The International High School Program in Germany is open for participants aged 15 to 18 from all countries. The program length varies between two months and a full school year. Starting dates are August and January.

Students live in carefully selected host families all over Germany and go to local high schools. Local coordinators support host families and participants during the whole length of the program.

Experiment Germany is one of the organizations selected to conduct the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) in close cooperation with CIEE. CBYX is a full scholarship for US-American students to do a high school year in Germany.


VolunteerThroughout Germany, we offer possibilities to volunteer in different projects. Volunteers live in carefully selected host families close to their volunteer work. Our participants volunteer in large and small towns, in rural and urban settings.

For many years Experiment e.V. has offered educational group programs in Germany. In close cooperation with Road Scholar we have been organizing educational programs for US-seniors.

As adult group travel outside the “normal” tourist experience is becoming more and more important, our group programs include community service projects, homestays and other modules that enable our participants to gain great insights into German culture, everyday life and economic as well as social life in Germany.

Adult Group Travel Adult Group Travel

There are multiple options for customized group programs all over Germany. They can include a community service project, a homestay, sightseing and language learning possibilities. We can also build them around certain themes that include everything from “Renewable Energy” to “The Middle Ages.”

Please check directly with us if you are interested in a group program in Germany.

High School Summer Abroad in Germany

History and Community Service


Experience the complexity of Germany through homestays and community service in entirely different regions, followed by an immersive exploration of Bohemia and Prague.


A gateway between East and West, Berlin has a complex history and vibrant cultural scene. Spend three days exploring famous sites and practicing your German language skills in cafés and street markets. Visit the Brandenburg Gate, tour the Bundestag, and visit art and history museums.


Travel through rural villages and rolling hills on the way to a historic community in western Germany.

You quickly become accustomed to daily life as a member of your German host family.

Sample activities: Spend the day exploring historic Munich; go to school with your German host siblings; sample traditional Bavarian weisswurst and other delicacies.

Sample host communities: Lübbecke, Niederalteich


Journey east to the densely forested region of Thuringia and learn more about the culture and society of former East Germany while working on a service project that celebrates the history of the region. Throughout the project, you meet up with local students for soccer games, hikes through the hilly countryside, and traditional meals of dumplings.

Sample projects: Repair community buildings; restore a World War II memorial and gardens.


Voyage into the Czech Republic for an unforgettable stay in Prague and Moravia. An important European capital for centuries, Prague is an eclectic combination of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau architecture. Around every corner, you find artists, poets, musicians, and street performers.

Sample activities: 

Walk through the narrow, winding cobblestone streets of Prague’s Staré Město—the old town; stroll across the worldfamous Charles Bridge; spend the afternoon with young Czechs in the shadow of Prague’s fairy-tale castle; raft down rivers; hike mountain trails through picturesque Moravian villages.