EIL Programs Hosted in Ireland

EIL Intercultural Learning specialize in learning by doing and in facilitating meaningful interaction between study abroad participants and their host culture here in Ireland, both North and South. With almost 50 years’ experience, EIL Intercultural Learning can provide quality logistical arrangements, 24 hour local support and unique access to academics, community organizations, local leaders, politicians, schools, universities, artists, musicians and Irish families all over the country.


Students participating in this programme live with an Irish host family and experience Irish culture from the inside by attending a local Irish High School. This programme is open to international students between the ages of 15 and 18 who have a reasonable level of English. EIL host communities are located throughout Ireland, mainly in small towns and rural areas. Focusing on helping participants gain independence and maturity this total-immersion programme also broadens cultural horizons and facilitates significant academic achievement.


EIL youth programs are designed to be educational as well as fun, with an emphasis on interactive activities and hands-on learning. Whether your group would like a focus on the cultural heritage of Ireland, outdoor activities, or language learning, we can design an itinerary to suit their specific needs. With expertly trained in-country leaders and a strong focus on child safety, EIL Ireland youth programs provide the peace of mind so necessary when traveling with a group of young people, particularly those under 18.


EIL Programs Hosted in Ireland EIL Programs Hosted in Ireland

Programmes for adults are carefully designed to maximise the time spent in Ireland, allowing participants to enjoy the magnificent Irish scenery whilst appreciating the depth of our culture and history. Learning with local experts and academics will complement the sites you visit and give you a more intimate knowledge of the beautiful, fascinating country.


EIL Programs Hosted in Ireland EIL Programs Hosted in Ireland