EIL Programs for Italian Participants

The International High School Program is available to young people (ages 15 to 17/18 years old) who want to spend a period of time abroad, in different countries, attending a foreign high school. The programme lasts from 3 months to the full school year. The countries available for students applying for this programme are the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand.

EIL Italy organises individual language courses not only addressed to young people but also to those who want to improve their language skills, maximising their past language experiences.

Courses are divided according to the language level and the number of lessons and are taught by experienced teachers. The placement of students in the different language courses aims to satisfy all needs: students can be placed in host family (homestay) or in a residence/college. Each student can feel free to choose the placement according to their personal inclinations. Locations are in Europe and the United States.