AIPC Pandora is a non-profit non-governmental organization involved in non-formal education programs, promoting global learning experiences. We are the member of the Experiment in International Living Federation (FEIL) in Spain since 2005 and we are currently working with partners in around 49 countries all over the world.

Since the year 2002, our work has focused on the facilitation of international itineraries in social, educational, intercultural, job immersion and development projects. We work on projects that include the full cycle of social participation based on the development of international volunteer experiences. The complete cycle of participation includes a before, during and after of international mobility experiences. Our activities are structured according to the needs of each stage of the cycle, which are known as: Learn (before), take part (during), Transform (after)

Our programs give participants the opportunity to explore how an active role in society could look like and how active and responsible citizenship can make a difference. We enable our participants to gain insight into the challenges that society faces today.


Staff Team:

Ana Eseverri, Executive Director
Neus Gozalbo, Manager of the Communications Department
Paloma Roman Manager of the Financial and Administration Department
Teresa Hidalgo, Administration and Accountancy
Programme Co-ordinator – Microprojects of Cooperation Program
Raquel González, Programme Co-ordinator – International Summer Abroad Program
Alicia Ramirez, Programme Co-ordinator – International Volunteering Program, Internship Program
Paula Alonso, Programme Co-ordinator – Youth in Action Program
Ximena Zeballos, Programme Co-ordinator – International Development Projects
Long Term Volunteer Program and Internship: 3 permanent Long Term Volunteers from the Erasmus
+ Program and 1-2 permanent interns

Board Team:

Antonio González, President
Ana Eseverri, Vice-President
Isidro Marcos, Secretary
Mónica Anda, Treasurer
Alberto Llaneza, Board member
Susana Tejada, Board member
Javier Álvarez, Board member

Contact Information:

Address: c/Alameda, 22. 28014, Madrid
Phone (in country and out of country): +34 91 550 26 28


Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation Spanish Association of Fundraising Volunteer Platform of Spain

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