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About EIL UK

EIL United KingdomEIL UK is a registered UK charity based in the beautiful Malvern Hills of England. For over 75 years we have been working with people from different cultures, breaking down barriers to mutual understanding and increasing cultural awareness. We provide opportunities for individuals and groups to explore the UK, live with a UK family, study english and understand more about British culture in the 21st century. We also offer selected outbound programmes for UK citizens to explore other cultures through volunteering, work experience and group programmes.

United Kingdom

Our Vision and Mission
At EIL UK we believe that by being together, learning together and living together we can help create our vision of a more tolerant and understanding world. Our mission is to bring people together to develop lasting understanding across communities, borders and ideological divides.

Everything we do is underpinned by three values:

Forward thinking: We are dynamic, motivated and eager to develop new opportunities for people to build a more tolerant and understanding world.

Inclusive: We welcome people from all backgrounds and provide a tailored and personal service, which reflects diversity and promotes tolerance.

Responsible: We provide safe and ethical opportunities for our volunteers and clients, working with trusted providers who adhere to our principles and standards.

Staff Team:

Victoria Perry (Chief Executive)
Toni Lee Marriott ( Finance)
Lorraine Lockyer (Programme Manager, Training)
Deborah Hume(Programme Manager, High School)
Karen Morris (Programme Manager, Cultural Groups)
Neil Humpage (Programme Manager, Hosting)
Sue Preece (Programme co-ordinator, Academic Homestays)

Board Team:

Mel Nock OBE (Chair)
Michelle Greenwald (Vice Chair- term expires Nov. 15, 2014)
Deidre Myers (Vice Chair)
John Shaw
Taurean Drayak
Barry Coker
Peter Cozens
Charles Lavalette

Contact Information:

Address: 17 Graham Road, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 2HR, United Kingdom
Phone: 01684 562577 (in UK) +44 1684 562577 (from outside the UK)
Email: info@eiluk.org
Web: www.eiluk.org



Ecorys  (for the Leonardo programme) British Council Everything's Possible Chamber of Commerce

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