EIL Programs Hosted in the UK

EIL Programs Hosted in the UKHomestay placements can be made in many parts of Britain. There are homestays available in many of the cities, for example Worcester or Edinburgh, and also in more rural parts of Britain such as Cumbria and South Wales. Host families come from all walks of life and they could be a couple with or without children, a single person or an extended family. EIL works to select, screen and monitor host families to find a placement to best match your unique profile and interests.

Teen Group TravelExperience the multi-cultural cities, beautiful countryside and historic buildings as you immerse yourself in a new way of life. Where better to improve your English language skills? Live in the land of Harry Potter, walk in the footsteps of William Shakespeare and sing with The Beatles. Have fun exploring our fashion, football and fish & chips in a group of 8-10!

High School AbroadThe UK is steeped in history and tradition, but is also a diverse and multi-cultural country. Our recent Royal wedding, Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics have showcased it to the world, and we invite students to come and experience the famous UK culture for themselves. The British school system is renowned across the globe.

Our students join classes in the Sixth Form which is excellent preparation for university – students have more responsibility and are expected to do more private study. Many schools do not have a uniform for these years and there are fewer structured lessons per day. A wide range of subjects are available including Photography, Music, Theatre Studies and Sociology.

Other ProgramsGruntvig In Service Training: This programme provides the opportunity for formal and non-formal adult education staff to improve their practical skills and to gain a broader understanding of lifelong learning across Europe. We are running 5-day practical and interactive courses here in Malvern, which will bring together 25 participants from diverse European backgrounds to explore culture and identity, as well as the effects on ourselves and the people we work with. We will also discuss how we can develop intercultural knowledge and skills in order to build an atmosphere of understanding, tolerance and integration in our learning environments.

Our Grundtvig Learner Workshops provide adult learners from across Europe with the chance to take part in a workshop in the UK. The aim is for workshops to be fun and interactive events, where learners have the opportunity to share their experiences and develop their own learning.

High School Summer Abroad in Scotland, UK

Islands and Highlands


Kayak, hike, and rock climb through the islands and Highlands of Scotland, a land of medieval castles, mystical lochs, emerald hills, and ancient cultures.


Your adventure begins in the bustling city of Glasgow. Home to music festivals, Art Nouveau and Victorian architecture, and world-renowned museums, contemporary Glasgow is the perfect introduction to Scotland’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. As you explore lively markets, ask local residents for directions, and enjoy fish and chips, listen carefully as your ear adjusts to the Glaswegian accent.


Spend a week experiencing Scottish family life. Whether it’s a visit to the local market, a conversation over afternoon tea, or your first taste of haggis, you will be enchanted by your new connection to Scottish culture, family, and community.

Sample host communities: Stirling, Inverness, Perth


Experience the dramatic beauty and relaxed pace of life on Scotland’s western islands. Each of the Hebridean islands off Scotland’s northwest shore offers a unique culture and landscape. From the islands, head for the hills. Hop a ferry across the dark blue waters to the impressive Scottish Highlands.

Sample activities: Hike, canoe, and explore the lovely Isle of Skye; stroll along hidden coves and rocky paths; learn about Celtic culture at a Scottish ceilidh; camp out under the stars on a remote island; enjoy a day of kayaking or mountain biking at an outdoor activity center; visit castles and centuries-old villages; participate in a community conservation project.


Listen to the rhythmic, magical sound of the bagpipes in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities as your Scottish adventure comes to a close. From the fairy-tale castle perched elegantly above a maze of narrow alleyways to the incredible galleries, shops, and museums of Edinburgh, you and your group reflect on an amazing month in Scotland.