Federation Membership

Federation EIL is always seeking to expand its presence around the globe. We welcome information about your organization and would be happy to discuss opportunities for you to cooperate with our member organizations. For more information, contact the The International Office.

Federation Membership offers these benefits:

Contacts – Join a network of organizations active in cultural exchange, language training, high school or university abroad, au pair, homestays, international community service, and more.

Access to Partnerships – Expand your circle of valuable business contacts by meeting and collaborating with colleagues from all over the globe.  Work with confidence with organizations that have also met the criteria for membership in and standards of Federation EIL. Each member organization is an independent, not-for-profit association.

Access to Information – Get answers to questions concerning other member organizations within Federation EIL plus many outside contact organizations. The International Office is the headquarters for the international network and works full time to support its members.

Best PracticesBe part of a network that adheres to standards and best practices regarding participant selection, orientation, placement, insurance, financial responsibility, and more.

Education and Professional Development Improve your professional skills and expertise at workshop sessions sponsored by Federation EIL at its annual meetings.

Resources – Subscribe to “In The Loop”, Federation EIL’s online newsletter, get directories of information on member organizations and other contacts. Access the portfolio of international programs, statistical analyses, and professional development news.

Credentials – Share in the honors bestowed on the whole network. Federation EIL is an international nongovernmental organization affiliated with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations. It has consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Council of Europe.  As such, it can accredit delegates to key meetings and conferences of these important bodies. In 1989 the Federation EIL was recognized as a Peace Messenger by the Secretary-General of the UN. It partnered with UNESCO in the celebration of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non Violence (2000-2010) and as such organized four Flagship Events. Federation EIL’s administrative headquarters, the International Office, administers these affiliations for the benefit of all members.

Admission – Be invited to the annual General Assembly meeting and have voting rights in that governing body. The conference includes program-specific meetings, bilateral appointments, new program presentations, workshops, and round-table discussions for delegates of each national organization.

Enhanced Image -Count yourself among the highly regarded first family of cultural exchange and educational travel organizations, active since 1932.

For more information about membership criteria and requirements, contact the Federation EIL International Office.