80 Years of Intercultural Exchange

Destined for the French port of Boulogne, the S.S. General von Steuben sailed out of New York harbor on June 23, 1932 carrying twenty-three idealistic young men and their leader, Donald B. Watt. The first ‘experiment in international living” was underway. It was a simple idea: “People learn to live together by living together.” 80 years later, that simple idea endures and thrives under the trusted care of Federation EIL members around the world who take pride in providing an innovative range of intercultural, educational services. Each year thousands of people of all ages participate in EIL programs in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

About The Experiment

About The Experiment With 8 decades of national and international leadership in cultural exchange, Experiment programs are designed to provide the tools needed to learn and thrive in another culture; to foster personal development; to build communication and leadership skills; and to nurture active citizens in an interdependent world.


Our Worldwide Network

Our Worldwide Network Federation EIL is an international non-profit association representing the global network of The Experiment in International Living (EIL) with independent members in 23 countries worldwide. Federation EIL members are all privately run, non-profit organizations without political or religious affiliation.


Around the World BLOG

Around the World BLOG Find out about our programs with first-hand reports from participants in the field and the latest news from member organizations around the world.